Enjoyable sessions encourage healthy lifestyles and build stress resistance…




    You will literally be able to reach the world and make a difference…




    Laughter Circle sessions are a fun way to impart valuable information…


In the midst of the Corvid-19 virus situation, Brian Murphy wanted to hear from people in the arts and beyond about how they are dealing with their new reality.

“Everyone’s story is a life song,” and he has created the album, saying,

“I thank my friends and people I just met, for doing these interviews. Some talk about how this has affected their lives and organizations and what they are going to do in the future, and others talk about music, or how they can relax more. One thing I learned: No matter where you are in this world, we are a community.”

Brian created DJ StoryBook as a source of who is in this community!

His interview with Steve Wilson about tools for health, happiness, peace and survival of the Covid-19 situation is here.


“Jax Leaders: Secrets to Success” with Steve Wilson from the World Laughter Tour

Each week on “Jax Leaders: Secrets to Success”, our host, Jessica Franzini, talks to Leaders from around the Jacksonville area about their secrets to success. This week, Jessica spoke to Steve Wilson from the World Laughter Tour.

The Mission of World Laughter Tour, Inc. is to create and disseminate an adjunctive therapeutic modality called “laughter therapy”, by properly applying laughter theories and practices into multi-generational, multi-cultural, systematic health and happiness programs.




Steve Wilson - Cheerman of The Board


Are you ready to get in on the benefits of this ancient wisdom and modern science?

Welcome to an amazing program of enjoyable healthy movement, healing, strength, mobility, and positive attitudes–regardless of age and fitness level. Laughter Therapy sessions can be called laughter clubs, laughter circles, laughter classes, or laughter parties.

Laughter is not a cure-all but Laughter Therapy makes primary treatments work best by helping block the anger, fear, worry, depression, and pessimism that interfere with healing and growth. In short, laughter is a therapeutic ally. Laughter Therapy appeals to anyone who wants a gentle, mellow and restorative mind-body practice.

You’ll have a great time showing people how to have their best life; how mind and body can build and be in good shape for their whole life; how they can have less stress and more stamina, balance and flexibility.


What at first seems like nonsense makes sense. No jokes. No comedy. Just gentle, wholesome, enjoyable activity. The science of laughter allows us to create a set of activities that gently build and strengthen mind and body in a variety of ways. You learn how to create sessions that are mild-to-moderate activities; pleasant, healthy, that anybody can do standing, seated, even lying down. It is systematic exposure to true mirthful laughter and positive attitudes in a supportive environment.

Aging or injury does not have to mean physical decline. Don’t give up. At 78, I know what it means to face, cope with, and overcome serious health and mobility challenges and emotional and attitudinal obstacles. Laughter Therapy is compatible with all ages, physical conditions, mental status, and life situations. It increases stamina and resilience, revives enthusiasm, and restores joie de vivre.


We support you all the way to mastery of the methods. Starting with participation with a small group for 12 hours of classes (or learn from recorded lessons in Distance Learning) with lots of videos, demonstrations, discussions, and hands-on practice led by a top-notch qualified teacher. Then for a full year you are a member of our private communication community where we follow-up with encouragement, advice, ideas, new reports, and coaching.

This is the only training of its kind that has met the high standards for approval of (US) continuing education for Nurses, Social Workers, Activity Professional, and Case Managers.

We have been collecting evidence of success for twenty years. More than 7,000 people have taken our classes and applied the methods to just about every conceivable situation. They have traveled the world teaching people how to access their ability to grow in strength, flexibility, and stamina—no matter what their fitness level, at all levels of business, healthcare, and education,.


Tuition includes all classes, textbook, instructional videos, extensive electronic library of support materials, t-shirt, and certificate.

I hope to see in one of our classes soon. Classes fill up fast. Register now with a deposit.


Steve Wilson, Psychologist


President of World Laughter Tour


Cheerman of The Bored

Register Now!



Read More About Our Founder, Steve Wilson here.




READER’S DIGEST: 50 Everyday Habits That Reduce Your Risk of Dementia

“Check out a ‘laughter club’. It’s no joke. Laughter clubs exist all over the country. They’re run by ‘certified laughter leaders’-often psychologists, therapists, and psychiatrists-who are trained in the healing benefits of laughter. These workshops can help you connect with others as you get in a good laugh. Look at World Laughter Tour to find out if there’s a club near you. A good belly laugh produces a chemical reaction that elevates your mood; reduces pain, stress, and blood pressure; and boosts immunity. Humor therapy may be as effective as some prescription drugs at reducing agitation in people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Nursing home patients who were entertained by clowns for two hours once a week were significantly less aggressive and agitated. Even two weeks after the nursing home stopped bringing in the clowns, the patients remained less agitated.”

Read More…



    • Combats Respiratory Infections
      Vivamus condimentum, purus vitae
    • By increasing antibodies in saliva
      Decreases serum cortisol
    • Reduces Pain
      Releases endorphins to provide pain relief
    • Relaxes Muscles
      Muscular tension and laughter are incompatible
  • Health Benefits of Laughter

    • Positive Mental Function
      Changes perspective with improved mood
    • Changes perspective with improved mood
      Through cardio-vascular efficiency
    • Helps the Body Fight Infection
      Liberates numerous immune boosters
    • Improves Tissue Function & Growth
      Supplies nutrients and oxygen to tissues
    • Happiness Linked to Longevity
      Live a longer, more fulfilled life

…And Many More! Discover The Benefits of Laughter, Here.

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