Wednesdays are for Gratitude

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Can we work on being happier?

“Absolutely. One way is to count your blessings. Studies have repeatedly shown that expressing gratitude–by keeping a weekly journal of things you are grateful for or jotting down a short list each day, for instance–leaves people feeling less stressed, healthier, and more optimistic for the future. In fact, research conducted in 2015 found that practicing gratitude–in this case, writing letters of thanks–actually triggered particular patterns of brain activity in participants, and that later brain scans showed these neural effects continued to be strong. In other words, gratitude can be self-perpetuating, making it easier to see and appreciate the good in your life down the road.”
(Excerpted from The Science of Happiness, THE WEEK, January 12, 2018)

Start on the path of GOOD-HEARTED LIVING by practicing GRATITUDE 3 times on WEDNESDAYS. That can be gratitude for what happens, and sometimes for what doesn’t happen. It has been said that healing is easier when gratitude is present.

The gist of this practice is a kind of mental training: learning to want what we have rather than wishing that we had what we want. It’s the ancient Rx for happiness and an antidote for self-pity and despair. Soon, all six practices feel like our natural way of being in the world, and we can do any of them every day as often as the opportunities present themselves.

A summary of all 6 practices of Good-Hearted Living is available free in dozens of languages at the World Laughter Tour website.

Resilience through learned optimism is enabled when laughter and humor are used together with Good-Hearted Living.

All of this and more is taught in our laughter therapy course, “How to Create Therapeutic Laughter.”

If you can maintain your sense of the cosmic joke, too, all the better.

I am grateful that, as I was formulating this program in 1999, Naomi Rhode, then president of the National SPeakers Association, suggested that Wednesdays should be for gratitude.

Listen to Burl Ives’ Donut Song.