Waves of Laughter: The Laughalizer

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Steve Wilson
, Psychologist, Gelotologist

As a laughter expert, I’m excited to partner with SunChips to raise awareness around the power and importance of laughter.

True mirthful laughter has a significant impact on health, happiness, and self-confidence, and is the most unfiltered expression of a person’s personality.  Laughter shows we’re friendly, listening and approachable and is often referred to as the “social glue.” There are studies showing only 10 percent of laughter results from jokes, while 90 percent of the time it’s about relationships.


You can be part of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get 100,000 people laughing around the world and help a worthy cause.

I worked with SunChips to provide input on the development of the Laughalizer quiz and the resulting 12 laughter profile types,
and I am the spokesperson for the Waves of Laughter campaign.

SunChips has found a wonderful way to encourage more laughter in the world – one laugh at a time.



SunChips unveiled a first-of-its-kind technology – the “Laughalizer”. This digital tool uses laughter to assess each user’s unique personality and to create a personal “laugh-print” and laugh profile that can be shared across social media.

mischievious-profilemy_laughprintcharming-my-laugh-is Sunny-profile

There are twelve laugh types and profiles. Which is yours?

When you share your laugh-print, SunChips will donate $1 to Step Up, an organization devoted to instilling confidence and empowering the next generation of women – with the goal of generating 100,000 waves of laughter and $100,000 to create waves of change.

It is free, easy to do, and fun.



Use the Laughalizer and share your results to help laugh it forward!

This has never been done before. If you love laughter and believe in its power and importance, let’s make this campaign go over-the-top!