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By Steve Wilson, Psychologist, Cheerman of The Bored

“Old age is ready to undertake tasks that youth shirked because they would take too long.”
~W. Somerset Maugham

After twenty years, with thousands of individuals becoming Certified Laughter Leaders, the COVID19 pandemic stopped us from conducting workshops and caused us to re-invent our training for “How to Create Therapeutic Laughter”. We accept the challenge. All of our training will be offered through distance learning (DL) with strong new supports.

Enrollments in our Distance learning are taking off. Complete the DL training and you will be among those best prepared to recover from the difficulties, help repair the damages, and re-awaken the joy of being alive, for yourself and others.

Joyology – C
reated in 1983, interelates the science of laughter with the psychology of humor and positive emotional experiences. 

It goes beyond ‘laughter is the best medicine’ (Proverbs 17-22).
Humor, laughter, and frequent positive emotions must be integrated to make a meaningful life. (R. Martin)
1. Sense of humor is the critical skill of being able to see the less serious side of a situation (Goodman) and  discover absurdity in adversity (C.W. Metcalf).
2. Laughter that best serves us is the true-mirthful kind (G.Duchenne, W.F.Fry., Jr., MD).
3. Positive emotions are the alchemy of a meaningful life (Risberg, Mindess, Moody, Lawrence, et al).


Old Dogs Learn New Tricks
New Dogs Learn Old Tricks

Don’t take me literally. These are figures of speech.

“Old dogs” does not refer to canines. It refers to mature human beings.  I am one. I’ve presented thousands of brief seminars, long talks, laughter clubs, college classes, and breakout sessions (as often as a hundred times a year, and around the world) that challenged me to have maximum impact in minimum time.

In recent years World Laughter Tour has had a significant uptick in the number of Seniors taking our course to learn about the power of laughter, humor, and positive emotions. The old dogs are smart and compassionate with the wisdom that comes with age and experience. They want meaningful activities in retirement that will keep them healthy, satisfied, creative, productive, while contributing to improving the lot of humanity. 

The COVID-19 pandemic requires that we postpone all workshops. Starting years ago, to accommodate people who could not ravel to workshops, we have been making our training available as DISTANCE LEARNING. 

“Tricks” does not refer to magicians like Blackstone, Houdini, or Copperfield. Tricks are the shortcuts that make life easier. They are also called hacks. “Hard work is the only shortcut to success,” (Paul Koger). “You spend so much energy trying to find a shortcut to success only to realize that success requires hard work. And without it you will never get there.”

We fulfill noble-and-laughter-filled intentions with courses and methods that are simple but not easy.

Our students do not have time to waste. We teach shortcuts to true-mirthful laughter, to senses of humor, and simple-not-easy practices to sustain powerful positive emotions. All in service of a meaningful life.

Joyology is inclusionary, teaching new dogs old tricks
For 20 years World Laughter Tour has conferred the title Certified Laughter Leader, on people from across the human spectrum. Men and women take our courses, (way more women). Old and young, every ethnicity, occupation, profession, and sexual orientation.

Joyology has no upper age limits
The wisdom of eldership offers a new vista on life. Becoming a Certified Laughter Leader is a great way for Seniors to leave their mark. So far, the oldest person to complete our course was 95. Mary Lou Richardson, who is enormously popular in Bellingham, Washington calls me periodically so we can laugh together about how close she is to 100. “Only 12 more years!”

Joyology Lets You Do Good and Feel Good
No matter your age, the need to feel like a contributing member of society drives us to volunteer for charities and support local causes that make our communities better places to live. The impulse to leave your mark.

Joyology has no lower age limits
Many high school students have taken our course. We get them to team up with a supportive adult (parent, teacher, counselor, librarian, minister) to conduct laughter clubs and circles, often in their school or church.

Joyology has few physical limitations
Mary Lou Richardson is legally blind. A dentist who had to give up his practice because he had a stroke was able to learn to lead laughter groups. Stephen Rute, who was born deaf, learned to lead therapeutic laughter very effectively, and became a Certified Laughter Leader when he was a Senior Case Manager for the deaf community of Columbus, Ohio.

A meaningful life is like a happy life, only better
The earth and the magnificent things we observe were given to us as an amusement park, a happy place, just for the asking (yet so few people ask!).  The things necessary for us to have a rich, rewarding, fulfilling life are all around us and usually at our fingertips. (David Jurewicz: 33 1/3 Success Secrets I wish Someone Had Taught Me Sooner)

Laughter has survival value. Proverbially the best medicine, laughter is built into human beings. (Did you know that people who are born blind and deaf, having never heard nor seen it, will eventually laugh anyway?) Laughter is absolutely essential for a meaningful life but, alone, is not enough. Humor is a great connector and generates cooperation between people. It is absolutely essential for a meaningful life but, alone, is not enough. Positive emotions (e.g., love, joy, calm, awe, compassion, generosity), are absolutely essential for a meaningful life but, alone, are not enough.

Joyology has power because it blends the elements of a meaningful, happy life into a set of tools. Simple, but not easy. And, you can do it!

Distance Learning of “How to Create Therapeutic Laughter” is available immediately for everyone and is recognized for professional training, too. Continuing Education is pre-approved for CTRS (Recreation Therapists), Social Workers (NASW), Nurses (AHNA), Case Managers, and Activity Therapists (NCCAP). Get details about training terms and conditions.

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