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The Most Fun You Can Have While Earning Credit

The Certified Laughter Leader training program was created and designed by founder Steve Wilson as a substantive curriculum. It really is the most fun you can have, while getting continuing education credit. Plus, you will learn how to make a tremendously positive impact in your own life and within the lives of others.

The World Laughter Tour’s mission, vision, curriculum, content, and structure for training others – just like its support mechanisms, advisory committee, code of ethics, and validation – are the compilation of everything Steve Wilson experienced both prior to and during his experience with World Laughter Tour.

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Over 7,000 people have completed the remarkable training program to qualify for the designation of Certified Laughter Leader™. This accomplishment demonstrates Steve Wilson’s contribution to the field of mind-body science. This systematic, therapeutic and credible method is now used by hundreds of professional organizations and healthcare communities. Among them include nurses, psychologists, counselors, activity therapists, health educators, marriage and family therapists, social workers, and volunteers. The roots of these methods can be traced to ancient practices, biblical prescriptions, and modern science. Laughter therapy reflects Steve Wilson’s 45+ year career in psychology and a philosophy of happiness through living with a positive sense of urgency, summed up as; “Don’t Postpone Joy”.

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