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Regular training workshops, “How To Create Therapeutic Laughter” are held throughout the year at cities all over North America. Training can be arranged for any place in the world by contacting our offices.

Training is also available at Columbus State Community College (Ohio), which has approved the curriculum. Our 2-day workshop has been incorporated into a 30-hour 3 credit course at the college, “Therapeutic Laughter (MHAD2234).”

Upon completion of the course, participants are conferred with the designation of: Certified Laughter Leader™. The title is a trademark of World Laughter Tour. Certification is valid for one year and is renewable annually.

As a Certified Laughter Leader (CLL) you are authorized to organize and lead Laughter Clubs and present therapeutic laughter programs. You should acknowledge your affiliation to World Laughter Tour, Inc., and use the Laughter Club brand in print material. You will have membership in an exclusive online support network for sharing ideas and news. World Laughter Tour, Inc. supports you through the development of continuing education materials, models for business aspects of Laughter Clubs, and telephone consultation.

Advanced training workshops are offered annually to Certified Laughter Leaders. These allow CLLs to delve more deeply into theory and learn skills for specialized applications of the methods.


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