Who should take a course in laugh therapy?

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Who should sign up for the laughter therapy foundational workshop training?

“How to Create Therapeutic Laughter” is great for you if…
You are mature, open-minded, and cheerful, and you like to help others.
You are looking for meaningful activity in retirement.
You use behavioral principles in your work.
You have lost your laughter or sense of humor, and you want to find it again.
Health, happiness, and peace are part of your life’s purpose.

 Already, 7,000 people have completed our foundation course. This short video will help you decide.

Have more questions? Call us now toll-free at 1-800-NOW-LAFF (669-5233).

People from all walks of life take this course “How to Create Therapeutic Laughter”
Social Workers
Activity & Recreation Therapists
Speakers, Trainers, Consultants
Retirees (age can be a real advantage)
Hospice Workers
Human Resources
Brain Injury Therapists
Art Therapists
Anyone who needs to re-connect with laughter

What will you learn in the course?
How Laughter Keeps Us Healthy
Which Attitudes Contribute to Healing
The Ancient Wisdom About Joy
Ancient Laughter Practices
The Science of Laughter
The Psychology of Humor
The Neurology of Emotions
Which Emotions Are Therapeutic Allies
How To Lead Laughter Circles, Clubs & Classes
Dozens of Laughter Exercises
Non-competitive Playful Activities
The Ethics of Being a Laughter Leader

150 Page Text Book & Resource Guide
Personal Coaching
Certificate of Achievement
One Year of Follow Up Support
Membership in our worldwide communications network
Eligibility for Advanced Workshop for Expert Level Certification
No Educational Background Requirement
No Upper Age Limit
Home Study is Available

I hope to see you in one of our learning sessions soon!


Steve Wilson, Psychologist Cheerman of The Bored

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