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We are the Longest Running, Science-Based Laughter Program in North America!

World Laughter Tour is proud to be the oldest, longest-established and operating, science-based provider of therapeutic laughter training in North America. With almost 7,000 individuals already certified using the systematic method, no one in the Western hemisphere has more experience in therapeutic laugher training than World Laughter Tour.

Backed by a Powerhouse Group of Renowned Scientists and Practitioners

Our founder, Steve Wilson has been utilizing alternative therapies for more than 40 years; including:

  • non-competitive games
  • sensitivity training
  • guided imagery
  • therapeutic communities;
  • and applied humor

Building upon Steve Wilson’s excellent reputation, the World Laughter Tour programs have made a remarkable difference in people’s acceptance of these strategies. Because of careful curriculum design and faculty training, we have paved the way in overcoming initial skepticism and resistance. Early on, therapeutic laughter was considered ‘new’ to the field of healthcare therapies. People were leery of it. However, we have made ginormous strides in being accepted as an integral part of ‘integrative medicine’. Our methods, concepts and principles are now acknowledged as significant influencers; affecting many areas of people’s lives. From personal happiness, health, human services, education, business, and community development, laughter adds a superior level of growth to every genre.

Longevity and Wisdom from Experience

The longevity and wisdom we have acquired has led to an excellent among the helping professions. We have been met with sky-high enthusiasm for our methods! This has enabled us to evolve, both in form and content, while science continues to prove the value of what we offer.

These concerted efforts have helped to enrich many lives, while making the world a better place. We look forward to continuing this contribution for generations to come!

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