Psst! God Doesn’t Expect Us to Do Everything (pass it on)

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In my healthy lifestyle program, Good-Hearted Living(tm), Wednesdays are for gratitude. I am grateful for the friend who sent this to me today (a Wednesday).

God Doesn’t Expect Us to Do Everything
         by Charlie W. Shedd

   Grandpa was working on the gate when a small boy appeared.  He puzzled a while as small boys will.  Then he asked, “Whatcha’ doin’, grandpa?”
   To which the aged sage replied, “Sonny, there are five kinds of broken things in this old world.”
   “There’s the kind which, when they are broken, can never be fixed.
   “Then there’s the kind that’ll fix themselves if you leave them alone.
   “There’s also the kind which are none of my business.  Somebody else has got to fix them.
   “There’s the kind which, when they are broken, you should never worry about.  Them only God can fix.
   “And then there’s the kind I got to fix.  That’s what I’m doing.  Fixin’ this gate.”
   Wouldn’t it be fine if my grandchildren could also learn this from me  — God doesn’t expect us to do everything.

Regardless of where you stand on the question of God, I think there is a good lesson here. Pass it on.

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