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What are Laughter Products? These products have all been approved or endorsed by World Laughter Tour to represent the underlying philosophy of using laughter to thrive and live happier. You’ll find a variety of laughter products, from toys and games, to books and videos, to whimsical gift ideas. You don’t have to be a practical jokester to enjoy buying and giving laughter and humor products to friends and family.

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Our toys and games are designed to bring more fun into your lives. You’ll find games and toys for all ages, from toddlers to teens; and adults. Break out the games on a rainy day and turn those frowns upside down.

Bring laughter into your home or workplace with these toys and games below:


Chocolate almost always brings a smile to someone’s face. As a gift, it is appreciated any time of year, not only for birthdays and anniversaries, but on traditional holidays such as Valentine’s Day and through the November and December festive holiday season. Chocolate is universally accepted and is perfect to break language barriers, as well as being fun!

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Show the world your loyalty and dedication to World Laughter Tour. You will feel good every time you wear our brand, knowing that you are part of a global movement that embraces happiness, peace, joy and Good-Hearted Living™ by using the power of laughter.

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Be prepared to watch, be inspired and laugh like no tomorrow! These videos are designed to take your laughter training to the next level. Some offer documentary-style accounts of therapeutic laughter, while others can be used as gifts to help cheer someone out of a situation or depressed state.

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If you are the type of person who is very busy and often on the move, empower and enrich your mind by listening to our audio collection. Some of these are laugh-out-loud hilarious, while other audio laughter selections are meant to be motivational. When you need a pick-me-up, put a little laughter in your ears.

Discover laughter audio selections below:


The best leaders in business have a fundamental ability to create a positive working environment, including the right humor and laughter at the right time. There are times to be serious, but laughter is a proven way to improve business relationships, engage an audience and instill trust. These laughter learning products are designed to help your business thrive.

Choose from these business laughter products:


Laughter is one of the best ways to continue on your journey of self-confidence. Our inspirational laughter products and books can help you stay focused and remind you that life is something not to be taken too seriously.

Get inspired with one of these humor gifts:


Did you know that laughter can lead to better health? When one is faced with a difficult or even terminal prognosis, laughter and humor can make the unbearable a little more bearable. These books and products are a must have for both the caretakers and those who want to help someone who is suffering from despair or troubled health.

Improve your health or a loved one’s with the following health-related laughter topics:


It was Einstein who stated that knowledge was power, and we believe that to be true. Educating people on the power of laughter is the underlying passion of World Laughter Tour, and that is why we offer many educational products that are designed to teach people how laughter therapy can lead to better health and mental prowess. Laughter and humor are strong tools for classroom management; and they increase ease and retention of information.

Educate and empower yourself with our educational products, here:


Learning “organized” laughter might sound outlandish to some, but after learning how to do it, almost anyone can see immediate and measurable benefits. These instructional products can teach you how to do laughter exercises, breathing and other informative principles.

Choose the right instructive products from our selection below:


Brighten your day with sounds of laughter! What a cheerful way to live. If you are in a foul mood, the sounds of laughter collection are sure to turn your frown upside down.

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Learn the different methods of laughter, how to apply them, and where to begin. Our Laughter Method products are here to teach you, make you laugh and give you a fresh outlook.

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When someone is suffering from a serious illness, such as MS, Alzheimer’s, cancer, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinson’s or any other life-threatening health issue, the world can seem very dark and grim. Laughter is the best way to get through these hard times. We have hand-selected a number of great long-term care products to help you laugh your way through the tough times.

View our long term care products below: