Webinar: LAUGH BIZ-Social Media

Webinar: LAUGH BIZ-Social Media

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Webinar: Maximize YOUR LAUGHTER BUSINESS Using Social Media

This class encourages you to get started with social media, and also includes pointers for social media users who want to go further.

Psychologist Steve Wilson Co-Presents With Jim Canterucci, CLL, Executive Advisor, author, professional speaker, and CEO and founder of Transition Management Advisors.

Feedback from someone who attended the class, “That was another really helpful webinar. I’m glad I can learn from a distance!”

Let’s end the confusion about social media right now.
Social Media Basics
What Are Some Social Media Websites?
What is Social Media strategy?
What is the purpose of using social media as a business person?
Which social networks are right for me?
How do I get started?
Where does my content come from?
What will Hootsuite do for me?
5 Things You May Be Doing Wrong on LinkedIn
Tell me the big Do’s and Don’ts.
Who has time for this?
What about my privacy?
Show me the money!

Pay here, then you will receive the links to the DropBox where you can download the webinar and the enrichment materials. You can also order everything sent to you on a disc for $10.00 additional (incl postage).


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