Webinar: Start a LAUGH BIZ

Webinar: Start a LAUGH BIZ

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Webinar: Starting YOUR LAUGHTER BUSINESS and Getting Paid

Whether you work for free or for a fee, or both, this class is packed with practical information, forms, and ideas to help get your business off to a good start or get you re-started. It explains about getting paid, and getting paid more.

Presented by psychologist Steve Wilson and Julie Ann Sullivan, MBA, CLL, owner of the successful enterprise “Learning Never Ends.”

*For free or for a fee?
*Making a living and a life.
*Business as usual?
*Everyone is selling, everyone is marketing.
*What are YOU selling? What are people REALLY buying?
*Getting organized (forms & more)
*No more proposals
*Getting the results the client wants.
*What should you charge?
*How to be worth what you charge.
*Comfortable charging a fee.
*What you should get in writing.
*Following through.

Pay here, then you will receive the links to the DropBox where you can download the webinar and the enrichment materials. You can also order everything sent to you on a disc for $10.00 additional (incl postage).


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