“You Laugh, I’ll Drive”

“You Laugh, I’ll Drive”

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“You Laugh, I’ll Drive” by Jenny Herrick, RN, CLL

Giving yourself the green light to enjoy life–speed bumps and all–and stop worrying about your (mile)age!

This is Jenny Herrick’s autobiography told in the best tradition of humorist story-tellers. From her humble beginnings in a small South Dakota Town to her umpteenth career as a motivational humorist and all the detours along the way, Jenny’s story will have you smiling, giggling and all-out laughing!

You’re sure to be inspired as Jenny shares lessons learned as a widow at age 27, single parent to two rambunctious boys, nursing student and nurse, dog exhibitor, new mom at age 39, clown/missionary to China, grandmother and more.

Soft cover, 123 pages.

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