Wolfsie in Sheep’s Clothing

Wolfsie in Sheep’s Clothing

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“Wolfsie in Sheep’s Clothing” by Dick Wolfsie

Dick Wolfsie is widely heralded as Indiana’s funniest writer. He will make you laugh. A lot. And often. He has, as they say, a gift … and it’s non-refundable, so he’s stuck with it.

So welcome to Wolfsie’s world as he ruminates over life’s little mysteries and annoyances. He’s pondering the madness of day-to-day existence: Who keeps moving the gas tank from one side of the car to the other? Why is there no cantaloupe juice? Where did all the size 36-30 pants go?

His ability to put a comic spin on virtually everything will make your day a little brighter.


236 pages; soft cover.

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