Where Can I Be Decaffeinated?

Where Can I Be Decaffeinated?

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“Where Can I Be Decaffeinated?” By Alice Glasser, MD, CLL

Just how funny is everyday life? Find out in this hilarious collection of stories and spoofs by Dr. Alice, an author praised as a modern day Erma Bombeck by librarian Marjory Hopper. The giggling begins at a nudist colony, where Dr. Alice ventures into the land of the bare despite her daughter’s warning: “Mom, you can’t even dress stylishly, how will you ever pull off being fashionably naked?” And the fun does not stop. There are malls to conquer, markets to survive and a book club led by a drooling dog. So kick back and enjoy because laughter is what this doctor has ordered!

Alice J. Glasser is a public health physician and a Certified Laughter Leader, living in Southern California.

Soft cover, 152 pages.

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