The Laughing Classroom

The Laughing Classroom

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“The Laughing Classroom: Everyone’s Guide to Teaching With Humor and Play”

By Diana Loomans and Karen Kolberg. An editorial review from Intervention in School and Clinic, January 1995, said: We all learn more effectively when we are enjoying the process. Humor sets a social context within which most students feel comfortable and appreciate learning. Loomans and Kolberg have written the best available cornucopia of hands-on ideas for applying humor and easy-to-follow techniques for increasing the playfulness of teaching. There are warm-ups, laughing lessons, and play breaks.

The Laughing Classroom begins with self-inventories concerning personal uses of humor and extracts a laughing oath. There are 30 ideas for fast and fun humor, 25 ways to go the extra smile, and the ABCs of fun. Techniques include humorous ways to improve memory, enliven debates, and promote cooperation. The authors demonstrate how to use humor in discipline and ease tension with laughter scenarios.

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