“The Death of My Uterus”

“The Death of My Uterus”

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“The Death of My Uterus…and Other Humorous Events” by Carrie Horwitch, MD, CLL

Laughter is everything in this hilarious and poignant collection of stories, poems, and limericks about the indignities of cancer. What does an internal medicine physician do when diagnosed with a life-threatening cancer? She uses laughter. Carrie A. Horwitch is that physician. Join her on her journey from diagnosis to recovery and encounter her stalwart, irreverent, and just plain funny response to the indignities of having toxic chemicals poured into her body. For anyone who has undergone cancer treatment or who is embarking on their own unwanted journey, this book will provide sympathetic, light-hearted companionship and produce giggles, belly laughs and a guffaw or two along the way. EXAMPLE: Post-chemo fatigue is the pits. It surprises you when it hits. Just like a tsunami On the isle of Pastrami. As quick as the blitz hit then it quits. A GREAT gift! Delightfully illustrated. Soft cover.

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