Webinar: Laughter/Teamwork 2

Webinar: Laughter/Teamwork 2

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Webinar: TEAMWORK, CREATIVITY & LAUGHTER II – Sustaining Great Teamwork

This class is for speakers, trainers, and leaders who work with organizations that want to improve teamwork. The tried and proven ideas are based on years of successful organizational consultation by psychologist Steve Wilson. This program is presented using the basic laughter session model.

*You will learn how to construct and sell popular teamwork interventions that bring your clients the secrets & advantages of teams that perform at high levels year after year.
*Includes a complete module that you can adapt and adopt to the specific situation, flexible to time-available (2 hours to all day).
*Includes BONUS video of ‘Wonderful Circle’ activity
*Always an element of fun, always an element of creativity, always raising consciousness.
*Draws on the modern, proven Social Awareness theory to have teams pulling together instead of falling apart.
*Shows how “Team Fitness” and well-being foster a dynasty (culture) of high performance.
*Works with groups of all sizes.
*Reinforces consciousness about team fitness/aptitude.
*Stands alone or integrates with your other team building programs.

Pay here, then you will receive the links to the DropBox where you can download the webinar and the enrichment materials. You can also order everything sent to you on a disc for $10.00 additional (incl postage).


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