Taking Laughter to School

Taking Laughter to School

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Taking Laughter to School – multi-media set with Handouts

This NEW DVD expands and replaces “Taking Laughter to School”. The leaders of the longest-running intergenerational laughter club (more than 12 years) contributed their time, talent, and expertise to help you have a very successful similar or related program. Everything you need is here in a wealth of step-by-step information, videos, photos, and written instructions to support those who want to bring joyful laughter programs to schools and to create Intergenerational Laughter Clubs (ILC). The kit provides visuals so you can see exactly how the school laughter class and the ILC are structured. Includes video testimonial from the school principal and children who participate as well as footage of the ILC with children who visit seniors in a nursing home. In this case, the pictures are worth 10,000 words. The audio recordings of the presentations are loaded with good ideas. DVD disk includes the TV news report of the 5th grade laughter class as well as their ILC at Bethany Nursing home *Audio disks of a panel presentation on ILC & inteview with Dr. Lou Franzini, psychologist, author of “Kids Who Laugh” *More than 2 dozen relevant articles, reports, & bibliography. Includes contact information for these experts *Handout materials prepared by the ILC panel give detailed guidelines for suggested organization, structure, and activities for both a school laughter club and ILC. A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Laughter Arts and Sciences Foundation.



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