How to Motivate Audiences

How to Motivate Audiences

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“How to Motivate Audiences: 121 Energizers, Ice Breakers and More”

This power-packed collection of “recipes” should be in the library of every trainer, educator, and anyone who wants to change meetings from boring to soaring! Carefully & clearly described, here are 121 energizers, ice breakers, and activities for promoting creative problem solving, teamwork and laughter. Organized by the time required for an activity (5 minutes or less, 5-15 minutes, 15-30 minutes), with the Purpose, Risk Level, Fun Factor, Materials, and Directions spelled out for each activity. Collected, edited, tried and proven by R. Bruce Baum, Ed.D., Certified Laughter Leader and Professor in the Exceptional Education Department at Buffalo State College. Soft cover, 200 pages.

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