“Monkey Business”

“Monkey Business”

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More fun than a barrel of monkeys?

For nearly 4 years, Heather Wandell, MA, CLL, has been Director of Community Outreach at Frisky’s Wildlife and Primate Sanctuary in Woodstock, MD. As a result of hundreds of hours observing primate behavior, and thousands of hours observing human behavior in various workplaces, she finds wisdom for everyone inside and outside the workplace, the connection to fundamental rules of nature, coming through the Monkey’s.

The primate behaviors help to anchor unique or healing business practices, and help us to see the gifts that our non-human friends have to offer and just how much we have in common.
Read by the author, each of the ten stories brings a lesson offering new possibilities and practices for life and work, to build a kinder, happier, more compassionate world.

A gift for yourself, those you work with, work for, play with, live with, laugh with, and are in partnership with! Load this disk into your iPod or mp3 player. Listen to a story a day in your car on the way to work or all at once (45 minutes total).

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