Life is A Song In the Key of Love

Life is A Song In the Key of Love

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Helen Marie Szollosy, aka Outlook Shift Engineer, wrote this autobiographical, philosophical discussion on personal experiences relating to intolerance, prejudice, labeling and stereotyping as seen from the author’s childhood, onward. It is meant to show how we may not feel the hate, prejudice and intolerance, but we learn it in a state of being unaware. “I hope that this book may be used to cause people to search within for any intolerance and prejudice and aid in open discussions to help the world heal from hate, prejudice and hurt.” Now a Certified Laughter Leader and extraordinary ambassador for laughter and human kindness, she advises, “Make the world a better place; join my smile campaign. See how many people of all beliefs, backgrounds, etc. you can make smile, just by looking in their direction, and GIVING them a smile. It’s free and it brightens someone’s day, you can’t beat that! It also opens you to meeting some really interesting people. You never know what you’ll learn!”

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