LAUGHS-TO-GO! Quips & Quotes

LAUGHS-TO-GO! Quips & Quotes

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LAUGHS-TO-GO! Delicious Quips & Quotes

When you have an appetite for humor on wry, carry-out and carry on…laughing!

This delicious take out of lighthearted laughs is loaded with 154 silly, hilarious, inspiring, thought-provoking ideas. Digest them on the spot as your thought-for-the-day, and keep the carry-out container of colorful thoughts where others can dip into it, too. Uniquely crafted and packaged for World Laughter Tour by Mary Labuzienski, to help you watch the world with humor and wit. Each idea is individually inscribed on beautifully colored paper that you take out of the standard take-out container. We are amazed here at the office (not to mention being in stitches everyday) by the seemingly endless supply of messages. Truly a case of good things coming in a clever, colorful dispenser.

En-JOY-ment, exclusively from World Laughter Tour!

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