Kids Who Laugh

Kids Who Laugh

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“Kids Who Laugh” by Louis Franzini, PhD

Great for parents and teachers. An editorial review from Library Journal said: Centenarians often claim that “a sense of humor” contributed to their long lives. People who can laugh can also better endure life’s ups and downs, find pleasure, cope with stress, and make life fun for those around them. Developing a sense of humor in kids takes effort, says clinical psychologist Franzini, but it’s worth it. Describing how essential it is to nurture a sense of humor, Franzini gives specifics on what’s amusing to infants, preschoolers, and older children. Peek-a-boo, for example, is great fun for infants, while second graders think the forbidden (e.g., the word underwear) is hilarious. The author distinguishes between hurtful and healthy humor, and he shows how to use humor in the classroom (while discouraging class clowns). Franzini has served as the president of Laughmasters and Toastmasters International Club. His is a thorough and convincing book. Perhaps readers obsessed with getting their child into the right preschool or moving up the social ladder will take a second look at their priorities.

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