Kanji Warao (Laughter)

Kanji Warao (Laughter)

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The Japanese have ancient understandings and traditions about laughter, happiness, and contentment. Now, you can own a beautiful limited edition reproduction of a modern interpretation of delivering happiness through laughter: the kanji Warao (Laughter) by Kazu Mori. A wonderful gift of laughter. Symbolic of embracing laughter through the ages and around the world, this unique collectible conversation art piece graces home or office as a contemporary expression of the earliest representation of laughter as a universal language. * Exclusive limited edition keepsake symbolizes ancient respect and embracing of laughter * Printed with old-world elegance on 24 lb archival quality Southworth parchment paper * Acid & lignin free (won’t yellow with age) * Overall size 8.5″ x 11″ * Suitable for matting & framing * Affordably priced in keeping with universally lucky numerology * Comes with Certificate of Authenticity $21.00 + s/h (shown matted, for example; shipped unmatted) ABOUT THE ARTIST: Kazu Mori is an interior designer and calligraphy artist living Komatsu in western Japan. His calligraphy graces a wide variety of objects in Japan – signs, menus, wall hangings, cups, clothing, and more. He also does calligraphy as performance art, drawing characters of thanks, hope, peace, and laughter on very large rolls of paper held up on a stage or at a festival. He has done shows not only locally but in the UK, France, China, and elsewhere. A portion of proceeds provides financial support for the artist Kazu Mori, and Osugi Musical Theater.

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