DVD: 16 video clips-Vol 2

DVD: 16 video clips-Vol 2

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DVD: Video clips of laughter programs – Vol. 2

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a moving picture is worth ten thousand. The 16 video clips on this disk make it an indispensable tool for explaining the myriad applications of laughter programs. The disk may not be resold, re-broadcast or used commercially.

Thanks to the many CLLs who have made themselves available to local & national media, for the good of the cause.

The 16 educational clips on this disk are:
1. Teresa Verde, Seattle, Washington, leads a Community Center laughter club.
2. Cheryl Oberg, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, profiled as an incredible hospital clown.
3. Marilyn Sprague leads laughter at High Point Regional Health System.
4. Steve Wilson’s workshop talk, “How to Be Incredible Everyday!”
5. Sister Geri Eveler, San Antonio, Texas, talks about taking laughter to seniors.
6. Kris Miles, Cleveland, Ohio, leads & explains laughter therapy; includes references to cardiodvascular studies.
7. Maggie Kelley (Topeka, Kansas) and Gail Hand (Portland, Oregon) celebrate World Laughter Day.
8. Heart Healthy Laughter scientific report, Columbus, Ohio
9. Workplace laughter yoga; and, Lynn Ceasar leads laughter club in Boston; refers to U. Maryland cardio study.
10. Jeffery Briar helps TV star laugh his way to being a better dancer.
11. Gail Wolz’ Laughter Club treats cancer patients, Seattle, Washington.
12. Art of Living features Marie Bethke, Lorraine Mackersie and Marlene Hutchinson; dedicated laughter leaders in a poignant personal profile.
13. Medical Watch report with Billy Strean, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
14. Debbie Harbinson on Laughter and Happiness; scientific references; Phoenix, Arizona.
15. Sanjay Gupta, Jeffrey Briar, and Lee Berk on Laughter & Happiness.
16. Katherine Puckett on the value of laughter club for cancer patients.

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