DVD: 16 Video Clips-Vol 1

DVD: 16 Video Clips-Vol 1

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DVD: Vol. 1-Laughter Makes Good News

Responding to numerous requests for examples of laughter in a variety of settings, this DVD has 16 video clips most useful for educational & informational purposes.

The video clips include:

1. Steve Wilson on laughter (interview and demonstration).
2. Laughter with MS and Chronic Illness
3. Report on World Laughter Day 2001 in NYC
4. A workplace laughter club at a hospital in Seattle.
5. Report on elementary school laughter clubs in Ohio.
6. The first nursing home laughter program.
7. Award-winning Certified Laughter Leader in a rehabilitation center.
8. A Chicago public laughter club.
9. Orrville, Ohio public laughter club.
10. The First International laughter Symposium.
11. Documentary reports at a World Laughter Tour training workshop
12. Interview with Dr. Robert Provine describing his research.
13. A home-based laughter club.
14. A therapeutic laughter program for kids in hospitals.
15. What laughter does for you.
16. What happens in a laughter club.

You get all of the advantages of a DVD: portability, durability, easy to use menu selection.

NOTE: Clips on this video may not be broadcast or used for commercial purposes. They are for education and awareness.

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