DVD: The Gift of Laughter

DVD: The Gift of Laughter

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DVD – “The Gift of Laughter” – a video greeting card

This is the BEST laughter video we have ever seen. Period.

When we laugh, our pain and suffering are put on hold and we are completely engulfed by a sense of well-being. Laughter makes us feel good both mentally and physically. And, laughter is contagious, which makes this video work especially well.

Have you ever watched someone laugh? Soon you’re chuckling and within minutes you’re roaring. This video is all about that feeling, and an opportunity to share the laughter and happiness with everyone around you!

Watch 15 minutes of continuous, nonstop laughter of men, women & children and you will capture the feeling. Guaranteed to bring a smile, a giggle… even a belly laugh! The perfect solution for someone who is in need of a good laugh. Well worth the few minutes it takes.

Give “The Gift of Laughter –a video greeting card.

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