DVD: PRAISE-HA! documentary

DVD: PRAISE-HA! documentary

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DVD: PRAISE-HA! A documentary about Laughter…seriously.

Outstanding, unusual, funny, poignant, evocative, provocative and important video documentary. We premiered this at the 1st International Symposium on Laughter in 2003. Now, by arrangement with Wendy R. Corn & Andrew Guidone, the producers/directors, it is available in this 30-minute DVD version. PRAISE-HA! is a unique historical record exploring approaches and philosophies to laughter through street interviews, events, and personal testimonials: Laughter Clubs, World Laughter Day, Steve Wilson, Patch Adams, Beth Bongar, Wavy Gravy, Laughing Lotus Yoga Center, Laraaji, Loretta LaRoche, The Phurst Church of Phun, Wes Nisker, Stephan Wischerth & Healing Works, Martha-Lee Bohn, and much more. Created with love, artistic dedication, and just right music, this DVD is bound to become a collector’s item and a ‘must’ for the library of every aficionado of the power of laughter in relation to mental and physical health. Steve Wilson created a Teacher/Facilitator Guide to make this a potent teaching tool. DVD 30 minutes. Chapter menu. Teacher/Facilitator Guide Included. $24.95 + s/h

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