Audio CD: Laughing Celebration

Audio CD: Laughing Celebration

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Audio CD: “Laughing Celebration” by Sarito Sun, CLL

With more than 20 years as a Meditation Expert and Hypnotherapist, Sarito Sun is dedicated to helping people individually and in groups. Sarito believes that laughter, joy, and meditation are three of the most powerful ways to shower the world with peace, health, and prosperity. She started leading the laughing meditation in the 1970’s.

Sarito Sun has worked with people from all walks of life, including renowned authors and spiritual leaders. In her own personal search, she has explored modern methods as well as powerful ancient techniques for awareness and meditation. Sarito has provided group sessions for businesses and organizations, including the Chopra Center in La Costa. She also teaches at Churches in the San Diego-LA area. In the past, Sarito has led groups in Europe. Sarito works with individual clients on a limited basis.

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