67 Ways to Amuse Yourself

67 Ways to Amuse Yourself

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“67 Ways to Amuse Yourself (In 2 Minutes or Less)” by Dick Wolfsie

Are you addicted to the dollar store? Does your spouse treat you like a dog? Is green bean casserole for 500 enough? Have you ever seen a religious figure in your lasagna?

Dick Wolfsie, who has been called the funniest person in Indiana by at least two people, takes you on another wild ride through everyday life, speed bumps and all. Read one of the hilarious essays while waiting at a red light, as your computer boots, or at the gas pump.

Dick Wolfsie is a TV Reporter, Emmy Award winner, syndicated humor columnist, and Certified Laughter Leader. This compilation of 67 hilarious slice-of-life essays is absolutely delicious. And, I’ll bet that while reading and laughing to yourself you will think of a dozen friends who would enjoy it, too. A GREAT GIFT!

214 pages; soft cover.

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