Our Mission

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We illuminate and improve the human condition by exploring the nearly magical mysteries of laughter, humor and mirth. This is a synthesis of powerful ancient practices for health and well-being that have been verified by modern science. We engage
the neurobic potential of activity to help prevent memory loss and increase mental fitness.

Laughter is a great ‘balancer’ in life. Stress-related illness comes from the loss of emotional balance that changes brain chemistry. This program works through systematic exposure to true mirthful laughter in a supportive environment, coupled with neurobic exercises and a  six-step process of attitudinal healing. Laughter is natural, organic, inborn, and proven. Our program is uplifting, simple and it gets results for individuals, organizations, and communities. Our continuous follow-up support makes this the best value in training.


Together we can lead the world to health, happiness, and peace through laughter.


To develop a credible, effective program of laughter therapy. Translating laughter theories and practices into multi-generational, multi-cultural health and happiness related programs; preventing hardening of the attitudes; providing methods that are uplifting, simple and powerful; making the world a better place; for individuals, organizations, and service to
the community.


WLT will act as the international clearinghouse for information, ideas & news about therapeutic laughter and the role of emotions and attitudes in health and happiness; helping people achieve their fullest potential by choosing enjoyable, systematic, life-affirming, healthy self-care strategies.

Service: “Everyone can be great because everybody can serve.” ~M.L.King
Spirituality: Compassionate; we are all connected; human beings need each other.
Integrity: Ethical; authentic
Community: We are in this together; fostering the convergence of cooperative spirit.
Accuracy: Evidence-based; exercising sensible skepticism; evaluating claims.
Value: The best value in this kind of training.
Our Slogan: Think Globally, Laugh Locally