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I am honored to have been invited to participate in a program within NIH (April 5, 2011, Washington, DC) exploring humor and healing. Other panelist/presenters include Dr. Lee Berk and Dr. Paul McGhee. I will be blogging and otherwise sharing information about the program and the material I am preparing to present.
My part of the program will be about training and education in therapeutic applications of laughter and humor, and how we have been able to create an organization and programs to train nearly 6,000 CLLs so far, who have sent more than 16,000 Forum messages with feedback and observation about results.

Although World Laugher Tour (WLT) does not conduct formal scientific research, case studies and observations are considered the beginnings of science, and WLT programs are being used by OT, PT, and Speech & Hearing professionals, to innovate a concept we call “Integrative Laughter Therapy”  in a large company operating about 100 facilities.

We have a lot to offer to NIH and others who want to know about laughter, humor and healing.

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Steve Wilson

Award-winning psychologist, Steve Wilson, also known as The Joyologist and The Cheerman of the Bored, has spent 30 years specializing in applied and therapeutic humor with a humanitarian mission. As Director of National Humor Month, he intertwines science and ancient wisdom with substance and humor to create practical methods to lead the world to health, happiness and peace through laughter. More than six thousand people have completed his unique training in how to create therapeutic laughter, and tens of thousands more around the world have been uplifted by his talks, classes, books, and articles. He established the World Laughter Tour, Inc., in 1998, to be a rich resource and inspiration for improving productivity, health, and well being in business, healthcare and education. For more information and