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We want to get YOU laughing! Maybe we can even get you to organize or lead a Laughter Club? World Laughter Tour is all about changing the face of the world, one smile and laugh at a time.

Through your membership, new doors and possibilities will open for you to learn about the awesome and amusing powers of laughter. From achieving better health; to developing more compassion through the Spirit of Laughter and Good-Hearted Living™, you can simply enjoy life more with laughter. Membership has so many privileges, enabling access to all of the workshops and training materials, as well as discounts on the products and much more.

Our organization is dynamic, ever-evolving and growing by leaps and bounds. This is a togetherness that is long overdue. We invite you to join us within your comfort zone, and as you grow stronger and happier every day, we welcome you to tell your friends, families, neighbors, and co-workers. Let’s get the world laughing through this positive and like-minded community!

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