The Peaceful Teacher – Leadership & Self-Esteem in Life and Work

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Click here now to delve deeper with the free companion essay on this topic, “Ten Ways That Higher Self-Esteem Fosters Better Teamwork at Work and In Life”

   The mission of World Laughter Tour is,
Together we can lead the world to health, happiness, and peace through laughter. 
The mission applies to the workplace, where your position is enhanced by your ability to lead and motivate others to success in achieving goals. You may be a supervisor, manager, or executive; or, heading up a task force or chairman of a committee.
It applies to many aspects of life where your satisfaction comes from your position in the family, neighborhood, church group or civic association; where your happiness is an advantage to your success.
The textbook for the foundation course in Laugh Therapy includes this good advice for the workplace and for all of life.

“Find your source, live from it, keep your heart open, and laugh generously.
These are maxims of the peaceful teacher, the tools of a gentle healer.”
~Alan Cohen

Let’s unpack Alan Cohen’s advice.
1. Find your source: finding your purpose and letting it guide your choices and decision is the path to happiness. My book “Birthrights” shows the steps for finding your purpose.
2. Keep your heart open:  Non-judgmental listening to others is a vital leadership skill. The leader of laugh therapy sessions creates an atmosphere of virtually unconditional acceptance. Leaders at work must be able to assess actions without judging personalities. 
3. Laugh generously: Humor and laughter are allies of our physical and mental health. They are characteristics that reflect the spiritual health of humankind through harmony and peace. Positive humor, cheerfulness, optimism, and the ability to see the less serious side of a situation at work or in life, preserves group cohesiveness and leads to the quickest corrections and solutions when they are needed.  
4. The gentle healer: Of three management styles, which is best? Selling? Telling? Or, yelling? Yelling and Telling are not leadership styles that build self-esteem and teamwork. Healing doesn’t always mean curing something or fixing what’s broken. It can also mean strengthening what’s working well, building self-esteem and self-confidence, or improving performance toward desired goals.
Wishing you every success in life and work!
Steve Wilson
Click here now to delve deeper with the free companion essay on this topic: “Ten Ways That Higher Self-Esteem Fosters Better Teamwork at Work and In Life”
About the Author

Steve Wilson

Award-winning psychologist, Steve Wilson, also known as The Joyologist and The Cheerman of the Bored, has spent 30 years specializing in applied and therapeutic humor with a humanitarian mission. As Director of National Humor Month, he intertwines science and ancient wisdom with substance and humor to create practical methods to lead the world to health, happiness and peace through laughter. More than six thousand people have completed his unique training in how to create therapeutic laughter, and tens of thousands more around the world have been uplifted by his talks, classes, books, and articles. He established the World Laughter Tour, Inc., in 1998, to be a rich resource and inspiration for improving productivity, health, and well being in business, healthcare and education. For more information and