Lawyer-turned-humorist helps raise $2M for research into rare lung disease.

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This year, Toronto attorney Catherine Lawrence, celebrates 16 years as a World Laughter Tour Certified Laughter Leader. Now at Expert Level, 
Catherine believes in the therapeutic power of humour. She launched a business called Survival of the Funniest and she often dresses up in costume, such as the chicken suit, to get a laugh and get the word out about the benefits of laughter.

What is no laughing matter is that Lawrence suffers from lymphangioleiomyomatosis, also known as LAM, a rare multi-organ disease that affects only women. When she was diagnosed in 2006, Lawrence was given five to 10 years to live. “I believe in the power of laughter, to my very essence.” says Lawrence. “I believe laughter is helping save my life.”

In addition to helping to raise $2M for research, she has made many amazing contributions to helping support people with lung-pulmonary-related disorders. 

Read this fine report on the topic and Catherine’s work. 

Watch this fabulous video report about how Catherine uses humour to raise money for medical research for LAM, a rare degenerative lung disease that affects women. 

This kind of joyful compassion and science distinguishes World Laughter Tour and the thousands of people who have completed our foundation course and gone on to make the world a better place. 

Professionals and volunteers join this happy movement of merry mirth makers to learn about and share the healing powers of humor & laughter, and psychology applied to life and work.

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Pam & Steve Wilson