Laughter Therapy Clinic: Monday’s Notes

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A kind word often goes unspoken, but never goes unheard.

Watch what happens when strangers are randomly complimented

Specific practices are core components of laughter therapy as conceived by World Laughter Tour.

Start on the path of GOOD-HEARTED LIVING by practicing paying compliments three times on MONDAYS.

Instead of looking for what’s wrong and who to blame,
train yourself to be on the lookout for what’s good, then say something about it.
This practice is the antidote for being critical and judgemental.
There are no statues that honor critics.

Watch How people react to compliments

Paying compliments keeps your blood pressure down, reduces stress hormones,
helps you get along better with others, and brings you peace of mind.

Make this practice a habit and then let it become a way of life for you.
It enables resilience and the ability to successfully navigate adversity.

Soon, all six practices will feel like your natural way of being in the world.
You will fond yourself doing any or all of the practices every day, whenever opportunities present themselves.

If you can maintain your sense of the cosmic joke, too, all the better.

Watch Drive By compliments

A summary of the 6 practices of Good-Hearted Living is available free in dozens of languages at
the World Laughter Tour website.

Resilience through learned optimism is enabled when positive laughter & humor
are used together, along with Good-Hearted Living.
All of this is and more taught in our laughter therapy course, “How to Create Therapeutic Laughter.”


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