The Joy of Laughter Therapy

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This is World Laughter Tour

Think globally, laugh locally, and…

Come learn with us.

What’s in your toolbox for mental health & joy? Our classes teach a remarkable path to a happier life. The path is lined with humor & laughter and is based on ancient wisdom & modern science.

Come learn with us.


After years training mental health professionals, and more than 35 years as a licensed psychologist, I designed our courses with advice from esteemed colleagues.

Joyful Laughter Therapy is a mile wide and ten miles deep. Our instructors are experts. Our classes are enjoyable.



“Steve Wilson is a wealth of knowledge and fun, too!” Lynn Beaman, PhD, Professor of Recreation Therapy, Austin TX

Come learn with us.

Our classes teach a mind-body path to a joyful life and a better world.

The path is lined with humor & laughter, and is based in ancient wisdom & modern scientific evidence.

Come learn with us.

Joyful Laughter Therapy is Therapeutic! Our method does wonders for…

Appreciation of life

New possibilities in life

Personal strength

Spiritual change

Openness to experience

Discovering underlying strengths

Finding ways to give back

Better communications

Less anger

Deeper appreciation of ‘little things’

More generosity

Stronger connection to others

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Distance Learning option

What are you waiting for?

Come learn with us.