Humor Month 2016

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I love humor. I love to laugh. Looking back, I think this has been true my whole life.

Written, performed live or on radio, TV, film, or whatever, comedy, jokes, skits, satire, grabbed my attention at an early age and never let go.

At age 5, I was telling jokes that I overheard my dad telling to his pinochle buddies. I stayed up late listening to what is now considered old-time radio. Comedians of every stripe and thrilling adventure serials had my heart pounding and my head spinning with imagination and excitement. The pleasure of telling a joke well, or otherwise entertaining folks, has never left me.


My deepest fascination with humor in all of its glorious forms, began about 40 years ago, and it has only gotten worse (or better) since then.

When I say fascination, I mean intrigue, delight, curiosity, captivation, enchantment, endearment, enthrallment, and darned near obsession.

I love to hear people telling, or trying to tell, jokes. I love when something causes my laugh to erupt out of me without warning. I love the sound of laughter.


I have been fascinated to discover the importance of humor and laughter for human happiness. I am humbled at having so many opportunities to set the record straight; to bring this good news to the world; to be in the company of the greatest scientists, writers, and thinkers on the topic.


My mind spins with exhilaration at the staggering realization of the potential for good uses of this universal human capability: health, happiness, peace.

At the same time, I am saddened to think of how much humor we have missed out on because of the ego-bruising and self-esteem crushing power of wrong-headed negativity about humor.


Perhaps, then, you can imagine my wonderment and appreciation of deeply spiritual thoughts about humor, like this one from Harvey Mindess, “Is it just coincidence that a compassionate, self-directed sense of humor seems to characterize those people regarded by their peers as exemplary human beings? Whether we are discussing Maslow’s self-actualizing individuals, great humanitarians, or enlightened spiritual teachers, there is a certain spirit of playfulness that emerges again and again. It’s as though those who most deserve to be taken seriously, take themselves lightly.”

Although I post on the topic year ‘round, as Director of National Humor Month, I will be posting more frequently to social media during National Humor Month (April). Please join me there. My posts will be humorous and serious, jokes and studies, spiritual and scientific, philosophical and corny… sharing with you some of the most incredibly wonderful discoveries I have made on the topic.

Please visit our special website to find a slew of FREE humor resources (and a few that you can purchase).

Wishing you a very happy and healthy Humor Month!!!