Green Eggs and LAM

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“There isn’t a lot of fun in medicine,
but there’s a whole lot of medicine in fun.”
Josh Billings

Thanks to Catherine Lawrence, Toronto, Canada, here is a terrific example of laughter and humor being allies for a very worthy cause. And, a wonderful opportunity for you to get involved with people who are Laughing Out LAM on May 3rd across the globe.

A Certified Laughter Leader for 11 years, Catherine is a pioneer in the field of applied laughter practices, and Trailblazer with World Laughter Tour.

Green Eggs & LAM began as a grassroots organization based in Toronto, Canada, founded to raise awareness and funds to support ongoing dialogue, ground breaking research, treatment and, with hope, a cure for Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (or “LAM” for short), a rare and devastating lung disease affecting women and girls worldwide. Since 2007, Green Eggs and LAM has successfully raised significant funds and increased awareness of this little-known disease. One hundred percent of every dollar raised is directly donated to fully engage and pillar brilliant and dedicated scientific minds towards saving the lives of the thousands of women and girls diagnosed with LAM but will inform and impact lung cancer, lung-related illnesses and other diseases.

Spearheaded by Founder and LAM patient, Catherine Lawrence and championed by a remarkable and diverse team of business professionals, Green Eggs and LAM proudly designs their fundraising efforts in unique and creative ways. Inspired by Catherine’s commitment and expertise in the power of laughter to heal, Green Eggs and LAM works to inspire joy in the face of adversity while encouraging patrons to engage and support cutting edge research.

This is our point of difference at Green Eggs and LAM – to coordinate a clear and powerful effort to support LAM research but to focus our energy also in the joy and power of laughter in the face of adversity. We work hard and we love to have fun and encourage you to do the same!

LOL: LAUGH OUT LAM (MAY 3, 2012) On May 3rd, 2012, Green Eggs and LAM will host an evening of comedy in Toronto, Canada, with brilliant and internationally acclaimed comedian Caroline Rhea and friends. LOL: Laugh Out LAM!, is chaired by Global TV’s Leslie Roberts and community philanthropist Theresa Mersky.

Funds raised by Green Eggs and LAM are used to support LAM iPS stem cell research led by Dr. William L. Stanford, Ph.D., in partnership with the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine.

Read all of the details as well as brilliantly fun ideas for participating in any one of many special events.

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Steve Wilson

Award-winning psychologist, Steve Wilson, also known as The Joyologist and The Cheerman of the Bored, has spent 30 years specializing in applied and therapeutic humor with a humanitarian mission. As Director of National Humor Month, he intertwines science and ancient wisdom with substance and humor to create practical methods to lead the world to health, happiness and peace through laughter. More than six thousand people have completed his unique training in how to create therapeutic laughter, and tens of thousands more around the world have been uplifted by his talks, classes, books, and articles. He established the World Laughter Tour, Inc., in 1998, to be a rich resource and inspiration for improving productivity, health, and well being in business, healthcare and education. For more information and