Erupt With Joy – A journey of self-exploration & road map for joy

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Guest blog by Savitha Hosamane, Banglore, India.


Two terms commonly used to describe me – Laughing Buddha or “Laughter queen”. I was referred to as “the girl who was always smiling” from my VP – HR head at work. I was the epitome for “positive outlook towards life” according to my near and dear ones. I could not believe my ears when all my doctors diagnosed me and said I was “on borderline of depression”. I went out of my mind thinking about it. Is my happiness outward only? Why was it not reflected inwards? What was my true nature then? Where was I stuck? Which was my real self then?

I then embarked on an unknown journey of self-discovery to find the missing link. I delved deeper inwards. The tensions inflicted on my mind, unexpressed hurt and anger, was wrecking me from within. My mental well-being had gone for a toss. That was the root cause of my inner depression. I had to find a way out to discard these suppressed blockages. Through mindful self-awareness methods, compassion, and loving attitude towards myself, I was able to unburden myself of unwanted accumulations. The gap of outward and inward happiness started bridging. I was able to relate to my real-self more.

“Erupt With Joy” is all about knowing, connecting, accepting and delighting your inner being. Creating the climate of delight for joy to manifest is shared through this interactive experience of the book. Explore your real self through this book. This wakefulness helps us to attain the key to self-mastery in almost every area of our lives – health, happiness and harmony.

In this compilation, I have drawn comparisons between the scientific world and the mystical world, to find my realistic world. I have shared my experiences from the world of medication and meditation. The ideas and methods which I learnt and have been experientially helpful to me.  

Excerpt from Erupt With Joy:

Creating Joy within is all about “knowing yourself, accepting yourself and delighting yourself” in the journey of life. When we start focussing on our thoughts, feelings and emotions we get to know ourselves. When we discover many things about our own self, we have a challenging time to accept our own self. We get to see ourselves as the characters in the drama of life. It definitely takes a lot of courage to be truly authentic to our own selves. When we start accepting ourselves, then begins the never ending love affair with joy. Slowly one starts becoming emotionally wise.

Emotional wisdom is the experiential learning to handle emotions intelligently to achieve inner harmony. Emotional intelligence and communication, once thought of as “soft skills,” have been identified as the two leadership traits that are the keys to a successful life. However, research is also identifying that these two skills are sadly lacking in today’s people who are in leading positions. Our emotional health directly corresponds to a positive attitude and happier outlook on life. Our success in work and life among our peers and in our careers depends on our ability to understand our emotions and other’s emotions, levels of motivation and to work cooperatively with them. Our decisions are based on our emotions. Read on to unlock the joyful spirit in you.

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Hasovan is a start-up company, located in Bangalore (India) incorporated in the year 2012, founded by Ms. Hosamane J Savitha. Hasovan intends to create a climate of pure delight with playful insights to laugh at challenges in the adventure of life. “HASO” means to laugh in sanskrit and “VAN” means the grove. Hasovan as the name indicates is the laughing grove.