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Edie is a Certified Listening Coach who knows how to get people’s attention and increase their retention.

Live Well
Learn Happily
Listen Actively
Love Much
Laugh Often

Edie’s warmth, expertise, and enthusiasm are the perfect combination to hold the group’s attention and lift their spirits while they laugh and learn.

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Debra Joy Hart, RN, is the Certified Laughter Leader-Expert Level

M.I.R.T.H. = Medicine is Relationships, Trust and Humor

Debra’s ‘1,000 Red Noses’ project is endorsed by the Laughter Arts & Sciences Foundation. She has traveled the world to bring the good news about laughter to places as far and wide as Peru and Japan. The spirit of her travels is peace, cooperation, health, and joy. Stories of her travels are fascinating and uplifting.

“I have been best described as having a contagious smile, infectious laugh, and spirit of epidemic proportions. My presentation is the right antidote that your organization needs. Participants are given a prescription to take a daily dose of healthy humor and motivated to exercise stress reduction. 

“In all my presentations, I create a dialogue between myself and participants that creates a safe place for all to reconnect to their inner sense of joy and well being. The tools I use to accomplish this are:  intentional laughter and intuitive humor.”

Inject your faculty, staff or congregation with an expert in education, motivation, and inspiration from the humor and laughter field.

The benefits? The participants get immediate improved mental, physical and spiritual health, and inspiration to incorporate healthy humor into their everyday living.

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Houston, TX, United States

Jeanette Lazarofsky is the Certified Laughter Leader

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Medford, MA, USA
Mobile, Alabama, United States
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