Seattle, WA, United States
Naples, FL, United States
Midlothian, Virginia, United States
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Venice, California, United States
Redgranite, Wisconsin, United States
Grand Valley/Amarant, Ontario, Canada

 Carol Hubert is the Certified laughter Leader, Expert Level

To inquire about Carol’s presentations, contact her NOW!

Sebastian, FL, United States

Nancy C. Johnson is a Certified Laughter Leader

Laugh And Learn (LAL) is Nancy’s Core Teaching

You will be challenged with exciting and interactive Laughter Programs by
“The Plan B Laughing Lady.”

Her programs are entertaining but not strictly for entertainment. They are fun, too, but not strictly for fun.

Nancy’s passion is to encourage you to make smiling, laughing, and positive choices priorities each day for a healthier and happier life.
She says, “If you can start each morning with a smile and a giggle or laugh, you are on the way to a more positive day! ”

She says, “Laughter is an excellent stress reducer, relationship builder, and so much more.”

Nancy presents her popular programs for board retreats, senior living communities, ladies groups, libraries, church groups, etc. For further details or to schedule a program, please contact her NOW!

Bayville, Berkeley Township, NJ, USA
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