Irene Doniger: Put a Twinkle in Your Wrinkle

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Put a Twinkle in Your Wrinkle

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Irene Doniger is a Certified Laughter Leader-Expert Level, Licensed Psychologist

Ordained Story-Teller, and Para-Chaplain

Irene provides popular enjoyable programs such as keynotes, breakout sessions, seminars, and laughter wellness circles.

These are available for a variety of organizations and facilities such as schools, community organizations, businesses, health & long-term care.

Irene’s programs are popular & helpful for seniors and their families, using laughter to cope with issues of aging.

When you want a speaker who can lift spirits, encourage healthy lifestyles & relationships, or teach a program of well-being and positive attitudes, you want Irene.

To bring Irene’s enlightening, and informative programs to your group, contact her NOW!

Name: Irene Doniger
Company: Put a Twinkle in Your Wrinkle
Address: King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, United States
Phone: 610-613-5106
Mobile: 610-613-5106
Fax: 610-783-1922
Certifications: CLL-E