Lundee Amos Healing Hands & Laughter

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Lundee's Healing Hands & Laughter

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Lundee Amos, RDH, MEd, EdD,
Certified Laughter Leader – Expert Level

Popular programs of non-traditional resources, for educators, students, and anyone in need of healing.

As a trained Energy Practitioner, I am able to assist clients in their self-healing journeys to improve the quality of their lives.

Some benefits of energy work for clients are to relieve pain, ease stress, eliminate toxins, instill serenity, nourish mind, body and spirit, feel compassion and caring. With an assessment of their energy fields, I can identify where balance is needed and make corrections. Additionally, I share with clients helpful techniques and advice, illustrating how they can continue to keep their own fields balanced.

I integrate Healing Touch, Eden Energy Medicine, Spiritual Ministry, Aromatherapy, and Joy for a natural healing experience. In a hectic world energy medicine can bring balance and serenity to clients so they can self-heal.

My heart-felt goal, as I continue my blissful journey, is to personally and professionally assist and bring comfort to others during healing sessions.

A life-long learner and teacher, I offer joy and inspiration to people of all ages by presenting laughter programs. My alter-ego, Lu Lu Pickels, the clown, makes everyone laugh.


Lundee presents a variety of programs/classes:

Healing Touch:
Introduction and Techniques

Eden Energy Medicine:
EEM 101 and 102
EEM for Women

Variety of topics on EEM Laughter Programs:
Activities and information that improve mental, physical, spiritual health, and create joy and fun!

Name: Lundee Amos, RDH, MEd, EdD CLL-E
Company: Lundee's Healing Hands & Laughter
Address: Greensboro, NC, United States
Phone: 336-288-2654
Mobile: (336) 706-1048
Certifications: RDH, MEd, EdD CLL-E
Accepted Payment: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX