Patty Morgan-Seager: Lighten Up and Live!

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Lighten Up and Live!

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Patty Morgan-Seager is the Certified Laughter Leader

Ask about the popular program “Lighten Up To Live Better!”

Let’s face it! One of the biggest challenges confronting all of us in the past year has been the stress we have experienced due to the plunging economy, bleak forecasts and depressing economic outlook! Yikes!

It’s time to lighten up and laugh a little! In this lighthearted, insightful session, we will explore the healing effects of laughter and mirth both in your professional life as well as your personal life.

Studies show that a fun, playful environment produces healthy, happy team players…healthy, happy team players are more productive…and more productive team players produce healthier bottom lines!

If you and your team are having fun, evidence shows that they are going to stay longer, work harder, and be more level headed when handling a challenge/crisis.

Get ready to relax, LAUGH and have FUN! For more information contact Patty NOW!

Name: Patty Morgan-Seager
Company: Lighten Up and Live!
Address: Dublin, Ohio, United States
Phone: 614-325-9770
Certifications: CLL-E
Accepted Payment: Cash