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Hudson, WI
109 North Lake Road Oconomowoc Wisconsin 53066 US

In addition to everthing else, Kinza is a Certified Laughter Leader

Learn… Laugh… Achieve

Filling personal reservoirs to succeed in turbulent times.

People do business with, and make friends with, individuals they like and trust. Having polished communication skills, combined with enthusiasm, a sense of humor and an “I can do it” attitude, builds relationships, wellness and bottom lines. Our Mission is to: use evidence-based information to empower minds, revitalize spirits, sustain improved performance…. and make your event memorable, interactive, and FUN!

Need Stress Relief? Tap into wellness with laughter –it’s a healthy choice. Known as the “Humorist with a heart” Kinza is a self-proclaimed boomer in denial, mid-life crisis survivor and recycled belly dancer. Perfect for your Special Event, Kinza’s keynote “Laugh & Live Your Dreams” combines music, glitz, and fun as audiences experience the healing power of laughter and are inspired to achieve a standing ovation on the stage of life.

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Kinza Christenson
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