Marylou Richardson: Bellingham Laughter Club

Bellingham Laughter Club
Bellingham, Washington, United States
1227 Railroad Avenue Bellingham Washington 98225 US

Marylou Richardson is Distinguished as a

Lifetime Certified Laughter Leader

because she has touched countless lives with laughter.

 Bellingham Laughter Club now meets by demand. Call Marylou to let her know you are interested.

Enjoy the vital experience of joyful, exuberant, social laughter exercises with Marylou Richardson, the most popular leader of laughter in the Northwest. Public and private sessions are available.

Delivering Happiness

Marylou is available for talks and other programs to brighten your group.

For more information about bringing one or more of her programs to your group, business, community, or organization, contact her NOW!

Marylou Richardson
Company Name
Bellingham Laughter Club