Betsy Robinson: Beaming Betsy's Well-Being Bonanza

Tacoma, WA, United States
561-599 South 11th Street Tacoma Washington 98402 US

Betsy Robinson is the Certified Laughter Leader

Laughter truly is the best medicine.

Laughter circles are held to help people reduce stress through laughter. No, this isn’t done with
jokes and comedy, but through laughter exercises that will make you feel better.

As a high school teacher, Betsy helps students laugh to help them feel more relaxed as they get through
those challenging teen years.

Betsy has facilitated laughter circles for, teachers, children, congregations, mother/daughter teas, parent teacher associations, state employees, families, women’s groups, cancer survivors and other non-profit organizations.

Betsy is an experienced educator who teaches job acquisition skills to high school students.
So, she really understands teenagers and can help parents facing teen challenges.

Her warm, enthusiastic delivery makes Betsy’s informative programs memorable and popular.
She shows how to cultivate positive attitudes, positive emotions, and well-being.

 She will work with you to schedule a Laughter Circle for Health.

For more information about bringing Betsy to your group, organization, or business, contact her NOW!

Betsy Robinson
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Beaming Betsy's Well-Being Bonanza