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Farmington Hills, MI, USA

Clarice Carter, PhD, CLL-E is the Certified Laughter Leader-Expert Level
To bring Clarice’s uplifting and informative programs to your organization, business, event, or community, contact her NOW!

Brighton, MI, USA

Shirley Darnell, LPN, is a Certified Laughter Leader

Shirley Darnell is a nurse, Certified Laughter Leader and therapy dog trainer and owner.

She completed her laughter training in “How to Create Therapeutic Laughter,” through The World Laughter Tour taught by

psychologist Steve Wilson.

She presents her programs to audiences about the benefits of joy and laughter. The programs are well suited and work well in schools, hospitals, cancer centers, with care takers in animal shelters, and the military.

For information about bringing Shirley’s programs to your business, school, hospital, or community group, contact her NOW!

Greensboro, NC, United States

Lundee Amos, RDH, MEd, EdD,
Certified Laughter Leader – Expert Level

Popular programs of non-traditional resources, for educators, students, and anyone in need of healing.

As a trained Energy Practitioner, I am able to assist clients in their self-healing journeys to improve the quality of their lives.

Some benefits of energy work for clients are to relieve pain, ease stress, eliminate toxins, instill serenity, nourish mind, body and spirit, feel compassion and caring. With an assessment of their energy fields, I can identify where balance is needed and make corrections. Additionally, I share with clients helpful techniques and advice, illustrating how they can continue to keep their own fields balanced.

I integrate Healing Touch, Eden Energy Medicine, Spiritual Ministry, Aromatherapy, and Joy for a natural healing experience. In a hectic world energy medicine can bring balance and serenity to clients so they can self-heal.

My heart-felt goal, as I continue my blissful journey, is to personally and professionally assist and bring comfort to others during healing sessions.

A life-long learner and teacher, I offer joy and inspiration to people of all ages by presenting laughter programs. My alter-ego, Lu Lu Pickels, the clown, makes everyone laugh.


Lundee presents a variety of programs/classes:

Healing Touch:
Introduction and Techniques

Eden Energy Medicine:
EEM 101 and 102
EEM for Women

Variety of topics on EEM Laughter Programs:
Activities and information that improve mental, physical, spiritual health, and create joy and fun!

Storrs, Mansfield, CT, United States

Joleen M. Nevers is the Certified Laughter Leader. She leads laughter clubs and delivers a variety of programs to improve health and well-being. For more information about bringing Joleen to your group, organization, business or community, contact her NOW!

Sebastian, FL, United States

Nancy C. Johnson is a Certified Laughter Leader

Laugh And Learn (LAL) is Nancy’s Core Teaching

You will be challenged with exciting and interactive Laughter Programs by
“The Plan B Laughing Lady.”

Her programs are entertaining but not strictly for entertainment. They are fun, too, but not strictly for fun.

Nancy’s passion is to encourage you to make smiling, laughing, and positive choices priorities each day for a healthier and happier life.
She says, “If you can start each morning with a smile and a giggle or laugh, you are on the way to a more positive day! ”

She says, “Laughter is an excellent stress reducer, relationship builder, and so much more.”

Nancy presents her popular programs for board retreats, senior living communities, ladies groups, libraries, church groups, etc. For further details or to schedule a program, please contact her NOW!

Cleveland Heights, OH, United States
(216) 538-3998(216) 538-3998
(216) 952-9558(216) 952-9558

Bonnie Paul is a Licensed Social Worker. She has been a qualified Certified Laughter Leader since September of 2014.

Contact her to schedule one of her popular, enjoyable programs about the psychology of humor and the science of laughter. Learn the remarkable benefits of positive emotions, how to prevent hardening of the attitudes, how to relax and enjoy life more.

Albany, NY, United States

Arleen Stein is the Certified Laughter Leader

is also available for Laughter Club demonstrations and talks about the fascinating, health-giving, life-affirming powers of

humor and laughter at home and at work.

The Laughter Factor: A perfect program for just fun, or for wellness programs, team building, employee assistance, classrooms (and teachers!), conferences, seniors and more. The Laughter Factor can tickle anyone’s funny bone – all without jokes. Programs are tailored to meet your needs and are scheduled at your convenience. 

For more information and to arrange to bring Arleen to your organization or community, contact her NOW!

Houston, TX, United States

Jeanette Lazarofsky is the Certified Laughter Leader

Contact her NOW!

Grand Valley/Amarant, Ontario, Canada

 Carol Hubert is the Certified laughter Leader, Expert Level

To inquire about Carol’s presentations, contact her NOW!

Storrs (area), Connecticut, United States

Joleen M. Nevers is the Certified Laughter Leader

She leads laughter clubs and delivers a variety of programs to improve health and well-being.

For more information about bringing Joleen to your group, organization, business or community,

contact her NOW!


In addition to everthing else, Kinza is a Certified Laughter Leader

Learn… Laugh… Achieve

Filling personal reservoirs to succeed in turbulent times.

People do business with, and make friends with, individuals they like and trust. Having polished communication skills, combined with enthusiasm, a sense of humor and an “I can do it” attitude, builds relationships, wellness and bottom lines. Our Mission is to: use evidence-based information to empower minds, revitalize spirits, sustain improved performance…. and make your event memorable, interactive, and FUN!

Need Stress Relief? Tap into wellness with laughter –it’s a healthy choice. Known as the “Humorist with a heart” Kinza is a self-proclaimed boomer in denial, mid-life crisis survivor and recycled belly dancer. Perfect for your Special Event, Kinza’s keynote “Laugh & Live Your Dreams” combines music, glitz, and fun as audiences experience the healing power of laughter and are inspired to achieve a standing ovation on the stage of life.

CLICK HERE to sign up for For her FREE “Keys for Success” Online Newsletter.

For information about bringing Kinza to your business, organization, conference, or community, contact her NOW!

St Joseph, Illinois, United States

Debra Joy Hart, RN, is the Certified Laughter Leader-Expert Level

M.I.R.T.H. = Medicine is Relationships, Trust and Humor

Debra’s ‘1,000 Red Noses’ project is endorsed by the Laughter Arts & Sciences Foundation. She has traveled the world to bring the good news about laughter to places as far and wide as Peru and Japan. The spirit of her travels is peace, cooperation, health, and joy. Stories of her travels are fascinating and uplifting.

“I have been best described as having a contagious smile, infectious laugh, and spirit of epidemic proportions. My presentation is the right antidote that your organization needs. Participants are given a prescription to take a daily dose of healthy humor and motivated to exercise stress reduction. 

“In all my presentations, I create a dialogue between myself and participants that creates a safe place for all to reconnect to their inner sense of joy and well being. The tools I use to accomplish this are:  intentional laughter and intuitive humor.”

Inject your faculty, staff or congregation with an expert in education, motivation, and inspiration from the humor and laughter field.

The benefits? The participants get immediate improved mental, physical and spiritual health, and inspiration to incorporate healthy humor into their everyday living.

For information about bringing Deb’s popular, powerful programs to your organization, business, or community, contact her NOW!


Columbus, OH, United States

Mirthful Movement

Keynotes & Programs to Get Things Movin’!

Nicknamed The Movementor, Susan Stewart is a holistic health educator who is passionate about laughter and movement as paths to well-being.

Her signature program, “Get In Your Feel-Good Groove – Ya Gotta Laugh, Ya Gotta Move!” inspires audiences to get moving towards healthier lifestyles. She tailors all of these audience-active programs for the comfort and enjoyment of all participants, including special needs.

She would be delighted to bring her uplifting message to your community, work site, organization, or group.

“Find your move’mentum for positive change!”

Contact her now to schedule a fun-tastic program.


San Luis Obispo, California, United States

Julie Meyer, RN, BSN, is the Certified Laughter Leader, Expert Level

Meets various dates, times and locations, by arrangement.

Julie is available to present fun & informative programs on the benefits of laughter for health and enjoying life.

For more information about having a laughter club near you, or bringing Julie to your group, organization, business, or community,contact her NOW!

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Deborah Harbinson, RN, MHI, is a Certified Laughter Leader-Expert Level

She is an accredited trainer and primary curriculum consultant to World Laughter Tour, where she serves on the Professional Advisory Committee.

For more information about bringing Deborah’s innovative health education and “Stress Vacation” programs to your organization, business, group or community, contact her NOW!

Bloomington, MN, United States

Stacy Berglund is the Certified Laughter Leader

Honoring our favorite bird (L.O.O.N = Laugh Outloud Often & Noisily), we meet various dates, times and locations by arrangement.

Stacy is available for laughter club demonstrations as well as for talks and workshops about the role of laughter

in healthy lifestyles and positive workplaces.

To arrange to bring Stacy to your group, organization, or community, contact her NOW!

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